AsianWeek Foundation Sponsorships

AsianWeek Foundation works on projects that bring together the diverse Asian Pacific Islander community. Our projects include Hep B Free, Green Initiatives for Asian Families, AsianWeek.Com, and the Asian Heritage Street Celebration.
We tailor sponsorships to meet the needs of our partners. Customization allows our partners to reach desired demographic audiences and craft messaging that is relevant to the community. Opportunities include on-site event marketing, logo branding, editorial content, speaking opportunities, print and web advertisements, social media and more.


For sponsorship information, contact Thanh Huynh.
Phone: 415.373.4006


Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) – Sharing our Heritage
Asian Americans are the most desirable demographic, yet they are also the most diverse and hard to reach. Reach all of the sub-segments of the Asian market in one event. More than 90,000 attendees come together each May for the annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration, the nation’s largest gathering of Asian Pacific Americans. Sponsors can tailor marketing efforts to this diverse group through sponsorships of various areas. Features include the Healthy Living Pavilion, Natural Medicine, Children’s Area, Cooking Demonstrations, Fashion Show, Arts and Crafts World Market and more.


Hep B Free – Improving the health of our community
Partner with health oriented organizations in the private, public and non-for-profit sector to address the greatest health disparity for the Asian American community—hepatitis B. Sponsorship can range from grassroots community education and screening events targeting specific ethnic groups to mass mainstream and ethnic media advertising. Be a part of the “B a Hero” gala each fall. The annual fundraiser and awareness event for Hep B Free, cited by U.S. Department of Health officials as a model program for making systemic changes for hepatitis disease prevention, is the largest of its kind and brings together leaders in the health profession, elected officials, and community leaders. Proceeds fund our Hep B Free activities.


Green Initiative for Asian Families – Preserving our resources for our families and future generations
Environmental and family preservation are strongly linked in the Asian American culture. The initiative is a collaboration of multi-ethnic and multi-generational organizations working on projects around the environment. Sponsorship opportunities are available for neighborhood specific projects to a community-wide environmental conference.


Strengthening Schools – Educating our youth
Invest in a community that believes education is of paramount importance. We partner with more than 15 schools in San Francisco to (1) provide a guaranteed fundraiser opportunity for schools, (2) to enhance our children’s learning and extracurricular activities, and (3) familiarize students at an early age about the concepts of giving and raising funds for community purposes. Sponsors can engage the community through existing raffle or school awards program or collaborate to implement initiatives tailored to teachers, students and families.


asianweek-logo – News and issues about our community
The voice of Asian America, covers Asian American politics, entertainment, local and national news of our community. Sponsor ads on an independent Asian American news site catering exclusively to the English reading and highly desirable Asian American segment.