AsianWeek Foundation Staff

564 Market Street, Suite 320 San Francisco, CA 94606, Tel: 415.373.0896

Carrolyn KubotaCarrolyn Kubota
Operations Director
Carrolyn Kubota is the Operations Director of the AsianWeek Foundation. She takes care of the day to day operations of the office as well as the programs that AsianWeek Foundation is involved in. Carrolyn performs the vendor and community outreach for the annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration, constantly searching for crafts vendors wherever she goes and keeping up to date on the Asian American food scene in the bay area. Carrolyn is also involved in the San Francisco Hep B Free Campaign and manages the Clinician Honor Roll program. The intent of the program is to outreach and educate San Francisco Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to screen, vaccinate and treat API patients for hepatitis B. The goal is to get ninety-percent of all San Francisco primary care providers pledged on the honor roll. In her spare time, Carrolyn volunteers at the Alameda Animal Shelter socializing and exercising abandoned pets.
Angela PangAngela Pang
Media and Community Relations Manager
Angela Pang is a media and community relations expert with an extensive database of Asian American organizations and media outlets in the Bay Area. She is experienced in working with a diverse array of community groups and festivals in San Francisco. She manages AsianWeek Foundation’s and San Francisco Hep B Free’s social media sites – including Facebook and Twitter and drafts and distributes both organizations’ press releases. Pang is passionate about the Asian American community. She has helped organize the largest pan Asian celebration nationwide – the Asian Heritage Street Celebration since 2006, coordinating the street fair’s publicity, media sponsorships, and San Francisco Unified School District APA Student Awards and Raffle Program. Since 2008, she has served as the media manager for the Pistahan Parade and Festival – a celebration of Filipino food and culture in San Francisco. She also volunteers her time for the Asian American magazine Hyphen, sits on the San Francisco Police Departments’s Asian Pacific Islander Forum, and is a member of the San Francisco Hep B Free campaign – a citywide effort to raise awareness for the importance of screening and vaccinating all APIs for hepatitis B, of which 1 in 10 are affected by the disease. She loves to pour Sriracha on practically everything she eats and adores Hello Kitty.
Tom TrentTom Trent
Senior Advisor
Tom Trent is in his fifth year as Senior Advisor to the AsianWeek Foundation following a 41-year career as an advertising executive in newspapers and radio. With this experience, his primary duty is to provide the Foundation with a seasoned perspective for its marketing and sponsorship endeavors. In addition, Tom has also enjoyed a 22-year professional relationship with the Foundation’s Executive Director, Ted Fang, who from time to time requests his input on other Foundation matters.
Ted FangTed Fang
Executive Director
Ted Fang is a news media pioneer, businessman and community activist. He was the first Asian American to serve as Editor and Publisher of a major metropolitan daily newspaper in the United States. Prior to that, he also ran the largest publications printing company in San Francisco and the largest non-daily newspaper in the country. Fang has a degree in Ethnic Studies and is passionate about community and diversity. He served as chairperson for Mobilization Against AIDS, and as director for the Chinese American Democratic Club and the Bay to Breakers Foundation.
Fang has led The San Francisco Examiner, AsianWeek and the Independent Newspaper Group. He sat on the executive committee of the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association and was a founding director of the California Free Press Association. He was a founding member of the Asian American Journalists Association and New American Media.
Staff - ThanhThanh T. Huynh
Development and Communications Manager
Thanh T. Huynh is the Development and Communications Manager for AsianWeek Foundation. He is responsible for sponsorships for all projects and programs of the organization. Thanh works to ensure that every partner achieves their goal(s) in supporting the Asian American community. Thanh has held diverse management roles in the public, private, and non-profit sector.
Angie LeeSusan Ma
Development and Communications Specialist
Susan Ma is a Development and Communications Specialist at AsianWeek Foundation. Before moving to the Bay Area, Susan spent time organizing around race and health equity in Los Angeles. While in graduate school, she worked for an environmental organization that highlighted the important intersection of women and the environment. In addition to development and communications, Susan is working on AsianWeek Foundation’s launch of an Asian community garden, which will be first of its kind in San Francisco. The community garden is the first project stemming from the Green Initiative for Asian Families (GIAF) and ties into Susan’s passion for community and the environment.